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Industrial batterie chargers




Waterproof High Frequency built-in charger IP66

For open lead-acid & gel batteries

  • Cooling through fins, waterproof class IP66
  • LEDs indicate the charge status and display error messages
  • automatic selection of AC-input voltage. 90~132Vac or 180~264Vac 50/60 Hz
  • CE approval
  • Modern high frequent technology with microprocessor control
  • Perfect charge curve - constant current / constant voltage (IUoU)
  • Protected against short current, reversed polarity, too high and too low AC-voltage, overheating. Without fuses and with an automatic reset after problems.
  • Control of the charge time and automatic detection of faulty batteries (dV/dt)
  • automatic switch off with faulty cells (18 hours)
  • Start up at very low battery voltage. The charger will charge batteries which are deeply discharged (1~2 Vdc)
  • Efficiency > 85%
  • Drive’s safety relay (lock-out) 20A, but it’s also possible to work during the charge
  • Open Lead-Acid & Gel charging profiles


4 charge profiles: lead-acid & GEL

AQHF 24/30FC (Fan Cooled)
High Frequency built-in charger
Type :    24V 30A
Size :    253 x 123 x 71.5 H
Weight :    2.2 Kg

High frequency charger with up to 4 charge profiles (selectable by a switch)

  • curve “open lead acid – low maintenance”
  • curve “open lead acid – full capacity”
  • curve “GEL – Standard”
  • curve “GEL/AGM – Dyno”

Starts even very deep discharged batteries: up to 1.0 Volt/cell !
With built-in relay which switches off the drive modus.
Protected against: short circuit, overheating, reversed polarity …







inverter/charger combination

The inverter charger combination is designed for off grid and power back up applications providing True Sine Wave Inverter, Battery Charger, AC transfer switch and Power Management in one unit. It can be connected to either grid or generator to compose power system for the most demanding applications.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Distortion free sine wave AC power for household appliance and sensitive electronics without worry, such as TV, stereo, laptop. Or, make your appliances work smoother, cooler and more efficient, such as fridge, power tools and microwave.
  • Provided with outstanding peak power in together with super fast protection make it suitable heavy inductive load.
  • High efficiency gets most out of your reserved energy.
  • Low consumption power could effectively save the precious energy.
  • Adjustable low voltage disconnect level suitable for various applications.

Sophisticated Battery Charger

  • Powerful charger with multi stages charging algorithm.
  • Generator mode make it suitable to work with various kinds of generator.
  • Power factor corrected battery charging.
  • Charger power adjustable.
  • Temperature compensated charging.
  • Various battery types: AGM, GEL, Open-Lead-Acid.

Automatic Transfer Switch

  • In even grid failure, the output will switch to inverter automatically and take over the power supply to the load without interruption.

Power management

  • Starting generator when battery voltage runs low.
  • Along with battery running low, it could supply various signals for customer to have a smart load management.