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Different types of batteries

Battery Supplies has the widest range of batteries, chargers & accessories. Whether you need Starter batteries, Cyclic batteries, Traction batteries, Stationary batteries, E-bike batteries, batteries for Solar or Marine applications … we have it.

The advantage we want to offer to our customers is the possibility to deliver small or big quantities of all these types of batteries to our dealers & customers all over the world. Thanks to this strategy we can deliver you with fresh top-quality batteries in a very short time at sharp prices.

Don’t worry about how to arrange the transport : whether it’s by truck, by boat or by plane we take care of it!

And for all your technical questions about batteries e.g. what type to use, how to maintain them, new technologies, dimensions, … our technical sales team is there to answer all your questions by phone or mail.

starter batteries 6v & 12v

Starter batteries
6V & 12V

Because of its construction, a starter battery is only suitable for short loads with high current, which most commonly take place when starting an engine of a car, truck, …
The main characteristic of a starter battery is that they have big, thin, flat plates. Starter batteries are not suitable for cyclic use (continuous charging & discharging) A starter battery is relatively cheap.

Starter batteries cars

Open lead-acid, AGM, GEL

Starter batteries trucks

Heavy Duty

These batteries are of the highest quality for use in trucks, tractors & engines that have a big energy consumption and work in extreme conditions or on bad roads.

Motorcycle batteries

Open lead-acid, AGM & GEL

cyclic batteries

Cyclic batteries

For applications that need deep discharges such as : aerial work platfoms, industrial cleaning equipment, …

Open lead-acid

  • Semi-traction 6V & 12V
  • Monobloc traction 6V & 12V
  • Deep cycle 6V, 8V & 12V
  • 2V Traction elements


  • AGM 6V, 8V & 12V
  • Gel 6V, 8V & 12V

stationary batteries

Stationary batteries

Sealed Lead-Acid

For use in standby applications (Floating-use) : UPS backup systems, Alarm Control Systems, telecom, telephone exchange, medical applications, solar panels, marine navigation, …


Sealed Lead-Acid batteries for use in standby applications (Floating use) : UPS-systems, telecom, railways, …


Gel batteries for use in standby applications (Floating-use) : UPS backup systems, alarm control systems, telecom, medical applications, solar, marine navigation, …

Front access

Developped to meet the needs of: Telecom Industry, Railways, Electricity, …


  • Standard dimensions that can be used in a rack
  • Long lifetime